Jeremy's Games

    Jeremy's features a variety of games, all of which feature legitimate game boards.
    Games do not run on emulation/mame nor are games bootleg copies. (Partially Updated Feb 15, 2024)

    Namco Classic Vol 1 (Galaga, Xevious, Mappy)
    Namco Classic Vol 2 (Pac Man, Dig Dug, Rally X)
    Nintendo Play Choice 10 (Super Mario Bros, etc)
    Let's Go Bowling/Centepede/Millipede/Missle Command
    Mario Bros
    Crazy Kong
    Ms Pacman
    Mr Do's Wild Ride
    Super Contra
    Train Simulator:
    Densha De Go!! (2017)

    Flight Simulator:
    Mach Storm

    Tank Battle:
    Tokyo Wars DX

    Time Crisis 5
    Let's Go Jungle
    Sailor Zombie (AKB Arcade Edition)
    The Ocean Hunter
    Extreme Hunting
    Crisis Zone

    Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6R x4 (linked, online)
    Initial D Zero x2 (linked, online)
    Initial D ver 5 x2 (linked)
    GTI Club x 2 (linked) Crazy Taxi
    Truck Kyosokyoku
    Radikal Bikers
    Vapor TRX

    Super Street Fighter 4
    Street Fighter Alpha 2
    Marvel Vs Capcom
    Mortal Kombat
    King of Fighters 2000 (in Multi-Game Neo Geo)
    Samurai Showdown 4 (in Multi-Game Neo Geo)

    Platform/Beat'em Up:
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 player)
    Final Fight
    Metal Slug X (in Multi-Game Neo Geo) Die Hard Arcade
    The Crystal of Kings

    Shoot'em Up:
    Touhou Perfect Sakura Fatastica (in 4 game exA-Arcadia)
    Dodonpachi True Death Exa Label (in 4 game exA-Arcadia)
    Psyvariar Delta AC (in 4 game exA-Arcadia)
    Strikers 1945 III
    Raiden II

    Taiko no Tatsujin Green
    Beatmania IIDX 29 (online)
    Sound Voltex 6 (online)
    MaiMai Finale (2 player, online)
    Groove Coaster 4Max x4 (online)
    Noisz Arc+coda (in 4 game exA-Arcadia)

    DanceRush Stardom
    Dance Evolution Arcade

    Tetris Plus 2
    Magical Drop III (in Multi-Game Neo Geo)
    Gals Panic 4
    Super Puzzle Fighter 2
    Super Alpine Racer
    Numan Athletics (4 player)
    NBA JAM (4 player)
    Ultimate 11 (im Multi-Game Neo Geo)
    Top Skater

    Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity
    White Water
    Surf n Safari
    Star Wars Episode 1
    Lost World - Jurrasic Park
    Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour
    Gold Wings
    Hot Shots!
    Gay 90s

    Misc Games:
    Magical Truck Adventure
    Dynamo Air Hockey x2

    Machines that are not part of unlimited play:

    Photo Machine(s):
    Neo Print $3/use. Prints 16 small stickers of your picture.